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Why join us?

An uplifting


Share your vision, receive feedback, get support, expand your network, find a potential partner and take your projects to the next level!



Talks with inspiring women, workshops and masterclasses, networking events, boosting breakfasts, feminist book club, and much more.

A mentoring


Develop your skills and experience by being mentored by more experienced members.

An online


Access a platform of useful resources, a Slack channel to exchange directly with all members, a list of all our experts and special offers from our partners.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Money shouldn't be a problem to join us.

     Please contact us if you have any question:

Upcoming Events

Get to Know Us

WE RISE is a business club designed to stimulate your ideas, and expand your network and opportunities through monthly events, and an inspiring community. Want to learn more about the safe space we've created for sorority and women in business?

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